Alexandra Greiner




- brand strategy + storytelling - squarespace websites - business cards - logos - marketing materials - copy - window decals + displays - tshirt design - chalkboards - fabric dyeing - knitting + sewing

Don’t call me Alex.

The short of it

Design is what I do. Entrepreneurial feminasty nerd is who I am. Ladurée macarons and motorcycles is what I love. Impact through art is my pursuit.

The long of it

I’ve been doing this design thing for awhile now. In high school I went on a personal quest to design myself the perfect handwriting. After many iterations I landed on a cross between my grandmothers beautiful but illegible cursive and my natural print. This unyielding (and sometimes neurotic) pursuit of perfecting the details has remained unchanged.

My path hasn’t been a straight one, there have been plenty of twists, turns and one or two about faces. I worked on a movie, was chewed up and spit out by The Big Apple, started my own brand, learned customer service inside and out working for lululemon, BurnCycle and Knot Springs, all while doing design jobs whenever I could.

So how does this winding life path benefit you? I am part designer, part writer, part customer service guru, part business strategist and all storyteller. You’ll have a designer that knows how consumers will interact with your product and content. You’ll have a writer that can tailor copy to achieve your business goals. And just in case that isn’t enough I also knit cool shit.

Don’t see what you need in my list of offerings? Throw something new at me. I am forever a student and love taking on fresh challenges. Most of the projects I’ve worked on had some element that I hadn’t done before so I’m experienced in learning on the fly.